FROM ZERO TO MEGA BRAND The only Full Power engine that select brands to deeply emerge and scale up with in China

The only online Full Content-based

Demand Generation + Full Channel

Scaling and Control engine in China

Healthy Volume Operation

High experience and maximize conversion based ecommerce operation directly linked with MCN

Multiple Content Network



Multiple Platform Network

Extreme Conversion Operation


Content Based Demand Generation

500+ online content collabo-ration to co-create, co-pub-lish,co-community to build demand and increase brand price earning

Offline Upgrading Iterations with online

Accessing 1000+(growing) physical Stores linked with MCN + MPN via the same order management system and with similar online con-tent theme and creative


Brands Incubator From 0 To Billions

Scale up a small or non-existent pre- mium to high end brand with very limited resource.INCREASE brand Average Ticket Value or at least MA- INTAIN healthy brand image WITH- OUT crazy discounting that are noto- riously prominent in other companies.

The Exclusive Advan-tages of UShopal MCN

Offer multifaceted content and design for E-commerce platforms and their categories. Profound understanding of multiplatform operation and extreme conversion. With top-notch designers and leaders of Yingxiang Taobao, our talent resource exceeds other PGC companies. In partnership with nume-rous global brands, we are the guar-antee of profession.

Multiple Content Network

Fully synchronize Online Content Campaign + Online Ecommerce Sales Campaign to maximize con- version and realize high quality MCN.

Maximized Operating Conversion

Establish meaningful online brand rank-ing on Alibaba and JD within 6-12 months through extreme Thou sand People Thousand Faces live conve-rsion maximization operation standard

Full Channel Scaling Network

Manage entire online ecosystem from flagship store to all-channel coverage and distribution network setup across Alibaba,, , and all other niche platforms.

Branding Incubator

Lu Guo     UShopal CEO

Lu was Vice President, Digital and Ecommerce at Johnson & Johnson,

the global leader in Consumer Goods and Healthcare, leading up all digi-

tal marketing, CRM,analytics, and ecommerce P&L, building JNJ ecom-

merce business from 400 to 1500 mil RMB in 2 years.

Lu received her MBA from Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania,

US, where she double majored in Finance and Entrepreneurial Manag-


Lu’s career spans from building ambitious entrepreneurial start-ups,

leading projects at strategy consultancy powerhouse, the Boston Con-

sulting Group,building and operating hyper-complex supply chain plan-

ning for Anheuser Busch InBev,to leading digital innovation and capabil-

ity building for VF Corporation,the world’s largest apparel company that

owns brands such as The North Face, Lee, and Timberland.Lu was cited

in VF 2012 annual report and Wall Street VF Investor report for her out-

standing effort in building digital excellence as a competitive advantage.

Her successful business achievements and case studies were also cited

by The Economist magazine for innovative and powerful brand building via digital in China.

Jarod Jiang
Stella Guo
VP of Operation Management
Rex Lin
VP of Channel Management
William Lau
Head of Commercial Development